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What Is The Dress Directory?

What Is The Dress Directory?

The very basis of the dress directory is to help you easily find dress designers and there stockists. Since 2012 we have been doing exactly that!

If your looking for a designer dress, whether it be for a wedding, your prom or a special occasion, you could spend hours searching the web looking for all the individual designers websites. Dress directory simply lists all of these designers for you in one place. We also allow shops to list their information, allowing you to not only find your dream dress BUT also where your nearest boutique is.

New And Improved | Dress Directory Version 2!

The Old Site

The Old Site

2012 - 2015

In 2014 we decided that our bespoke website model was getting a bit old. Since the original dress directory, new innovations such as bootstrap had allowed websites to be easily viewed on any mobile device and this is something we thought was important. So we decided to take the site to the next level, completely rebuilding the whole site from scratch. We spent time with users of the site, finding out what they didn't like about the current site and features that they thought would be invaluable in the new one.

Now a full 6 months later, we have ironed out all the creases and the new site is (as you can see) is live. We are fully focused in making the site the best it can be, if there is a feature you think can be improved upon or indeed added, why not email us and let us know?

While (you may have noticed) the site isn't 100% complete, we wanted to get it live as quickly as possible. This allows us to update one site rather then updating both.

Social Media

When ever we update a collection, we will immediately post it via our social media (facebook, twitter and google+), allowing you to easily see what's new on the dress directory.

Our Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter lists all the designers that have been updated that month, as well as upcoming news and events. Please note, if you joined the newsletter on the old site, you do not have to rejoin.

Tips On Using The Dress Directory

There are two ways to use the dress directory

  • Find your dream dress and then find your closest shop by either viewing the listed shops or alternatively, looking at the stockist listed on the designers website.
  • Find your nearest stockists and choose from the dresses available in your area.

Want to find a stockist where you can buy your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses from the same store? Often doing this can save you money as many stockists offer deals. Our advanced search option lets you do this.