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Conditions Of Use

By using the dress directory, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of use of the site. Dress Directory at it's own discretion holds the right to ammend these conditions without warning or notification.


In no event shall Dress Directory be liable for any damages resulting from use of the dress directory, it's blog, newsletter or social media. This includes loss of earnings and misrepresentation resulting from typographical mistakes within the site.

Designer Information

Designer information is added to the dress directory by our own team. Every endeavour is made to accurately describe every designer based largely on how the designers have described their collections themselves. Although added to our best ability, discretion should always be taken using this text as read.

Stockist Information

Stockist information is added to the dress directory by the stockists themselves. While we try to substantiate that the information and collections they claim to hold is factual we cannot guarantee in all cases that this is true. Therefore we advise discretion. Stockist found to consistently list incorrect information will be warned then removed if the operation continues.

Event Information

Information about events is added to the directory by both stockists, on behalf of the designers by the dress directory and from event information we find online. While we try to substantiate all the information we share, the dress directory cannot be held responsible for cancellation of any events. All information in the events section should therefore be substantiated by you the user before planning attendance.

Blog and Social Media

Views and opinions expressed with all media supplied by us, is our opinion and is not the opinion of the designers or stockists. Comments on social media and the blog are opinions of the subscriber only. Derogatory comments or comments used to gain advantage over competition that is deemed unfair by us will be permanently removed.


ALL dress imagery is owned by the designers. Images in the dress directory have been supplied to us or been given the rights to use by us by either by the designer or an agent working on behalf of the designer. Under no circumstance should there be any attempt to copy or reproduce images without explicit permission of the designers or a representative of the designer. We cannot give such permission and therefore any such request will be respectfully refused.

Links To Third Party Sites

By it's very nature, the Dress Directory holds hundreds of links to third party designer and stockists sites. While these links are checked at time of addition, users of the dress directory use them at their own risk. We have no control over or endorse third party content, products and services. Therefore the Dress Directory cannot be held responsible.