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Welcome to the dress directory. Browse through thousands of top designer wedding, bridesmaid, mother of the bride and groom, occasion, prom and daywear dresses. All our collections have direct links to the designers own sites and social media as well as stockist information. It's all the resources your need to find your perfect dress, whatever the occasion.

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Designer Wedding Dresses

With thousands of wedding dresses in the directory from over 70 of the best wedding dress designers it's hard to know where to start. While we love every collection, below is a few of our team favourites to get you started.

Brighton Belle 2017

Stunning 50's vintage inspired tea length wedding dresses from True Bride.

Stephanie Allin 2017

The Bellissimo collection, add je ne sais quoi to your special day.

Charlotte Balbier 2017

Charlotte Balbier wedding dresses featuring the Bohemian Blush Collection

Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero creates extraordinary gowns that turn every bride's vision into stunning reality.

Cabotine 2017

Cabotine's new wedding dress collection is a true celebration of feminine lines..

Justin Alexander 2017

Justin Alexander glamorous vintage and couture style wedding dresses with a modern twist.

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If your looking for a great FREE tool to plan your wedding online then there is nothing better in our view then pinterest. With so many great resources online having one central place where you can pin all the great ideas and inspiration you find is a great asset. There are even private boards available where you can safely save dresses without worrying your intended will accidentally see them!

Your be joining thousands of other brides who have planned or are currently planning their weddings, so your even be able to gain inspiration from what they have already found.

Their are thousands of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride and groom dresses, wedding cakes, wedding shoes, reception and honeymoon ideas. So what are you waiting for? Join up and plan your wedding online.

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